Handykam Gets You Intimate With The Birds

By Evan Ackerman

There are the casual bird watchers, who can appreciate robins and blue jays and stuff when they see them. Then there are bird enthusiasts, who buy binoculars and telescopes to spot more exotic types. And then we’ve got the actual bird voyeurs, who buy hardcore spy equipment to catch birds with their pants down. If you’re a creepy weirdo, a Handykam system is for you. It’s a nest box with a digital camera hidden inside the roof, letting you spy on the comings and goings of your feathery woodland neighbors.

Handykam comes in either wireless or wired versions, although why you’d want a wired version is beyond me since the thing is going outside. The cameras are full color, with 420 lines of resolution and sound, and will switch to infrared black and white mode at night using an array of IR LEDs to illuminate the hot, hot action. If you’re lucky, you’ll get an up-close view of a pair of tits. Great tits.

Handykam bird boxes start out at about $110 for a wired camera in a pine box, and the wireless version in cedar costs about twice that. Feeders with camera systems are also available, starting at $94. Sample video of what you might expect to see, after the jump.

[ Handykam ] VIA [ Tech Digest ]