Handpresso Auto Lets You Brew Some Espresso On The Road

By David Ponce

You ever wanted to make an espresso in your car? No? Well, now you can anyway. For $200, the Handpresso Auto will gladly connect to your vehicle’s 12V cigarette lighter socket and make a cup of your finest. You just add the water, place an espresso pod and start it up. You then hold the thing over a cup (which, of course, you happen to have in your car) and it’ll pour what the company calls “premium quality espresso.” The device generates 16bar of pressure, which should be sufficient for a decent pull. We don’t know how stable the temperature would be however, so no one is expecting this to compete with its full-sized kitchen counterpart. It has a cycle time of 2 minutes, so you could conceivably make up to 30 espressos an hour; fast enough to turn your car into a mobile cafe… if you’re the enterprising kind.

It’s $200.

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