Handmade Leather Stormtrooper Motorcycle Mask

By David Campisi

If you’ve ever seen pictures of the Hells Angels, you’ll notice that there is a certain look required to not look ridiculous on a big Harley. If you’re like me, you could probably do with an intimidating mask befitting a soldier of an evil galactic empire.

There is something about the Stormtrooper mask that makes the troopers stand out from the common soldier type shown in many sci-fi works.  In fact, the helmet design featured in the movies has barely changed from the earliest concept art depicting these white-clad soldiers of the empire. Fortunately, an Etsy seller, EpicLeather, has incorporated this classic, lasting design into a leather motorcycle mask.

The mask shown in the picture is of the tanned leather variety, but, by special order, the mask can be made in 10 other colors, including, most notably, the original white.  These $200 dollar hand-crafted leather masks are lined with foam and suede leather for comfort. As far as practical uses are concerned, it will shield your face from the wind and protect against the occasional swallowed bug.

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