HANDHELDEN – 660 Old-School Handheld Games

By Andrew Liszewski

Warning! If you grew up sometime between 1970 and 1989 (when the original GameBoy was released) then you will probably lose a good part of your day to this site.

HANDHELDEN (Handheld Den) has been amassing and cataloguing one of the biggest handheld game collections I’ve ever seen. At current count they have some 660 titles available for browsing on their site but seem to be adding more all the time. They even have a ‘wanted’ list for some of the rarer games they have yet to get their hands on.

The oldest memory I have of handheld games was playing with my dad’s Merlin. I can remember spending hours playing tic-tac-toe or plunking out simple songs note-by-note on those glowing red dots. And my parents actually thought all those years of gaming were a waste. Little did they know that some day it would make for an adequate closing anecdote to one of my posts.


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