Hand Pumped Automotive Greeting

Flickin The Bird Pump Up Finger (Image courtesy BoysStuff.co.uk)By Andrew Liszewski

Even though where I grew up this was known as “Flipping the bird” apparently in the UK it’s actually known as “Flicking the bird.” But looking at this device it’s nice to know there is at least one thing in common with people all over the world: road rage.

So the next time you feel you’ve been wronged by a fellow motorist you might want to have one of these stuck to your back window. In its normal state it simply looks like an angry fist which is enough of a statement on its own but squeeze the included pump and the fist’s middle finger sticks up taking your message to a whole new level. Now how or why this is easier than sticking your own finger in the air is beyond me but perhaps this novelty version is meant to bring a smile instead of a tire iron to your headlights?

The Pump Up Finger is available from BoysStuff.co.uk for about $18.

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