Han Solo Frozen In Cabonite Blanket

By Chris Scott Barr

When it comes to decorative Star Wars wall pieces, I think that having a Han Solo frozen in carbonite would be the pretty much the coolest thing money can buy. Unfortunately it would take a lot of money to buy a proper replica, money most of us don’t have. Thankfully we can make do with simpler things, such as this blanket from LucasFilm.

The Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Woven Throw is pretty much exactly what you’d expect. It’s a 52×68-inch soft cotton blend blanket depicting Han Solo as he hung on the wall in Jabba’s Palace. Yes, it’s a little short to be an exact replica, but it’s still perfect for hanging on your wall. (Because we know that’s exactly what you want to do with it.) $60 will get you one of these when they are released sometime this August.

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5 thoughts on “Han Solo Frozen In Cabonite Blanket”

  1. Never was a huge Star Wars fan but I will hand it to Lucas for this crafty idea they came up with. I'd assume 60 bucks is reasonable enough for a true Star Wars fan considering the Light Saber's they sold back in the day were 100 dollars a pop.

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