Hamper In Washing Machine Is Perfect For Dorms


By Luke Anderson

How many of you out there live alone, or in a dorm? If you fall into either of those categories, you probably find yourself doing very small loads of laundry (or just bagging it all up and taking it to your parents’ house every month or so) which can seem like such a waste in a regular washing machine. Not to mention depending on your residence, you might have to go off-site to wash your clothes. Well if you only need to do a small amount of laundry, then the Baguni ‘hamper in’ concept would be perfect for you.

This tiny washing machine is great because it functions as a hamper for your dirty clothes. When it’s full, just add in the detergent and fire it up. Unfortunately I doubt this thing is going to dry your clothes, so that’ll be another challenge. Either way, it seems like a pretty cool concept if you ask me.

VIA [ Dvice ]

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