Hammock-Inspired Vessel Tub (Image courtesy Splinter Works)

Hammock-Inspired Vessel Tub Seems Like A Great Idea

Hammock-Inspired Vessel Tub (Image courtesy Splinter Works)
By Andrew Liszewski

Like the ridiculously over-the-top outfits you see modeled on the catwalks at fashion shows, the ‘functional sculpture’ designs of Guildford-based Splinter Works (located just south of London) are supposed to push the boundaries of everyday household objects and furniture.

Their Vessel design in particular caught my attention since it supposedly uses carbon fiber, stainless steel and even gold leaf to create a bathtub that looks like a hanging hammock. Now remembering my own experiences with hammocks I can’t think of a more stable platform for holding a large volume of water while attempting to bathe yourself. To be honest I have my doubts this actually exists anywhere, even though the Splinter Works website does list it as being an “edition of twelve.”

[ Splinter Works Hammock-Inspired Vessel Tub ] VIA [ Design Milk ]

2 thoughts on “Hammock-Inspired Vessel Tub Seems Like A Great Idea”

  1. Nice concept. But I am not too sure why does it have to be hanging where possibly water may leak out due to movements. Besides, I don’t see any advantage taking a bath with a hanging bathtub.

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