Hamilton Time Player Watch

Hamilton Time Player Watch (Image courtesy Hamilton)
By Andrew Liszewski

I think half the reason I wear a watch is so that I always have something to play with when I get bored, particularly during times when surfing on the iPhone or tapping away on a NintendoDS isn’t appropriate. So let me be the first to thank Hamilton for their new Time Player watch design which works like one of those sliding puzzles, except that there’s no ‘correct’ solution to the arrangement of the 8 tiles on its face.

Hamilton took inspiration for the Time Player from a design the company originally created for a clock in the Stanley Kubrick movie, 2001 : Space Odyssey and brought it back to earth. For centuries, man believed that the earth’s surface was flat. Hamilton playfully revisits this idea with the Time Player watch, in a design that is resolutely contemporary and inspired by a society constantly on the move, taking change in its stride. A totally flat 48 mm by 42 mm titanium case is split into nine squares, eight filled with movable counters and one left empty like a sliding puzzle. These counters, separated by lines symbolizing those of latitude and longitude, enable the wearer to set and measure time in the current location, plus three others.

To set any of the 4 miniature watches you simply move it to the central square and make your adjustments using one of the 4 crowns located on the top and bottom of the case. The watch will be available sometime in June for special order, and its Titanium case is no doubt partly to blame for its ~$2,700 price tag.

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