Halo RC Vehicles – What Took So Long?

Halo RC Vehicles (Images courtesy the BigBadToyStore.com)
By Andrew Liszewski

Seriously though, what are we up to like Halo 8 or something? Why has it taken this long for someone to come out with an RC version of the Warthog, a vehicle that I have to assume most gamers would run out and buy in real life, even with a $100k+ price tag. Thankfully at $23.99 from the BigBadToyStore.com this remote control scale version from NKOK is considerably more affordable… and safer.

You can also get yourself a mini RC version of the Mongoose for $23.99, but the highlight has to be the RC Hornet which actually flies, though it will set you back $38.99. All 3 of the vehicles are based on the original CG models Bungie created for the Halo games, and they’ll be available from BigBadToyStore.com sometime in August of this year.

[ BigBadToyStore.com – Halo RC Vehicles ] VIA [ Kotaku ]

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