Halitosis Detector – Do You Smell Something?

Halitosis Detector (Image courtesy Restoration Hardware)By Andrew Liszewski

Looking for a way to test your breath before friends, family or even strangers subtly offer you a breath freshener? While I suggest carrying around a canary in a cage like coal miners did, you might want to consider this pocket friendly Halitosis Detector instead.

I guess you just blow or breathe on the sensor above the screen, and the results will be displayed VIA an easy to understand smiley face. Obviously a smile means you’re good to go, but if you see a shocked face like the one in the product shot, you might want to grab another swig of mouthwash. However I’m not really sure what the ‘WAIT’ message means? It’s not like hiding in the corner for 10 minutes will magically make your breath fresh again. Unless you’re supposed to just wait for everybody else in the room to leave, so you can easily make your escape. (Or as Someguy pointed out in the comments, that’s probably just the message you get while it’s analyzing your breath.)

The Halitosis Detector is currently available for just $10.00 from Restoration Hardware.com, and for that price you just know it must work great!

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6 thoughts on “Halitosis Detector – Do You Smell Something?”

  1. Just a shot in the dark here, but maybe that is the screen you get while it analyzes your breath, kind of like a load screen? The face doesn’t look shocked so much as it looks like its breathing on something so maybe thats the screen you get when it takes a sample…

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