Game Boy 3DS Case (Images courtesy 'goteking')

Gutted Game Boy Turned Into A Nintendo 3DS Case

Game Boy 3DS Case (Images courtesy 'goteking')
By Andrew Liszewski

Proving they seemingly have access to an unlimited supply of original Game Boys, modder ‘goteking‘ has found yet another use for the console that sparked a revolution in handheld gaming. Ironically this time around it’s been gutted of all its electronicy bits and used as a case for it’s descendant, the Nintendo 3DS. I guess it’s kind of like turning your great great great grandfather into a coat, but, you know, not as horribly creepy a concept… It’s nice to see this original Game Boy is still useful though, even if it will never provide anyone with monochrome gaming goodness ever again.

[ Goteking – 3DS in Game Boy ] VIA [ Tiny Cartridge ]

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