GSR-110B Mobile Solar Unit (Image courtesy DigInfo TV)

GSR-110B Mobile Power Unit With A Retractable Solar Panel

GSR-110B Mobile Solar Unit (Image courtesy DigInfo TV)
By Andrew Liszewski

What a difference a weekend can make. I came across this mobile power unit last week and kind of put it on the back burner, but after the events that have unfolded in Japan over just the past few days it seems like it could be one of the most useful tools for many parts of the country. Created by OS, a Japanese company with an expertise in retractable projector screens, the GSR-110B uses flexible solar cells developed by Fuji Electric Systems to create a mobile power unit that can be deployed in just seconds.

At just 3kg the GSR-110B is lightweight and easy to transport, but thanks to its retractable solar panel it can be set up anywhere, providing up to 40W off power in the right weather conditions. (16W directly from the solar panel itself, plus an additional 24W from the unit’s built-in rechargeable battery.) That’s enough juice to keep a netbook running for about two hours, and is definitely enough to charge a mobile phone. But if you need even more power, two of the units can be connected together for a combined output of 80W when needed. The GSR-110B started shipping back in January, and sells for ~$730 (¥60,000).

[ OS GSR-110B Mobile Solar Unit ] VIA [ DigInfo TV ]

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  1.  Great device for camping and other activities could be kept in the car for emergency like a dead battery and break downs in winter

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