Grove Skatebacks Repurpose Skateboard Material With Style

By David Ponce

Recycling is usually a pretty boring business, one where newspapers will be turned into “70% post-consumer recycled toilet paper rolls.” Fun. But sometimes it can be pretty in an unexpected manner. The above iPhone back cover is made from leftover material from industrial skateboard manufacturing. Allegedly, the waste material from just one such factory can fill up to one city bus each week. Grove, a Portland, OR company takes some of that waste and carves and hand-finishes each back cover, ensuring that no two are exactly alike. It sticks to your iPhone 4/4S with 3M double-sided tape and will give your phone an eco-friendly technicolor vibe while protecting it from damage. It’s $50 a pop and ships in 2 to 4 weeks.

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3 thoughts on “Grove Skatebacks Repurpose Skateboard Material With Style”

  1. This kind of iPhone case makes people really think of choosing the right case for their smartphone. These times, eco-friendly and recycled materials often get the attentions of many. However, when it all comes down to the price, people often look for other options. (That’s why I just got a free iPhone case… got no money left after buying an iPhone 4S lol) Elegant material choice for the iPhone nevertheless. 

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