Griffin Releases The iTrip For PSP

By Bruce Eaton

From the infamous makers of everything that can attach to an iPod, Griffin has taken the duty of accessorizing the PSP upon themselves. With the new iTrip with Dock Connector you can finally pump that PSP music over whatever audio device, such as your car’s, with ease. Just set the dials and relax to the smooth sounds of MP3s or the shrilly screaming voices in your newest PSP game. Attaching to the bottom, this is one of the few attachments that not only looks smooth but doesn’t bulkify your device.

Incorporating a built-in antenna, FM stereo modulation on frequencies 88.1-107.9Mhz, and an operating range of 10-30 feet round out the features. Coolest idea would be to use it in your car to watch movies while cranking out some hardcore audio through your car’s speakers. And it won’t even dent your wallet at $50, the price of one game.

[Griffin iTrip PSP] VIA [Uncrate]

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