Griffin CinemaSeat – I Think I Met Your Little Brother

Griffin CinemaSeat (Image courtesy Griffin Technology)
By Andrew Liszewski

Remember the SeatBuddy? It was a silicone case with a couple of straps that allowed you to hang your iPhone on the back of a car seat and enjoy it hands-free. Well it’s pretty clear the people at Griffin Technology remember it since their CinemaSeat is essentially a larger version of the SeatBuddy designed for the iPad. On the back you’ll find an adjustable strap designed to wrap around a head rest which is secured by a “grippy hook-and-loop closure” or ‘velcro’ for those of us not fearing litigation. The iPad compartment is padded to protect it against bumps and jostles while driving, and there’s a stretchy mesh pocket on the back for holding miscellany. $39.99 available directly from Griffin Technology.

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