Green Erg Generates Electricity From Walking

Green Erg Generates Electricity From Walking


By Luke Anderson

With the world focused on renewable energy, people are always trying to find new ways to harness the power from everyday activities. There have been devices that generate electricity from revolving doors, and even surfaces when they are walked upon. While these are all great, we still do a lot of walking, and surely there’s a good bit of energy that can be harnessed from it. And that’s exactly what the Green Erg generator intends to do.

Essentially the device is comprised of a set of rollers which areĀ  dragged along behind a person as they walk. As the rollers turn, electricity is generated. At normal walking speeds as much as 2 watts of power has been achieved. Sure, this doesn’t look like the sort of thing you’d want to go walking down the street with, but it is aimed at Africa where it is more difficult to find power.

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