Grass Armchair

grass armchair
By Bruce Eaton

[This has been around for almost a year. Up and down blogs all over. But, since Bruce never saw it, it’s possible some of y’all didn’t either. So, enjoy. -Ed.]

Tired of bringing out the “lawnchairs” for a party? Well get the real deal with the Grass Armchair. Coming in the shape of a chair, are 14 cardboard pieces that you fill with 240 litres of soil and 20cm of gravel at the base. Apply the grass seeds and just like a chia pet it grows in about 10 days. Protect it from rain while in its “incubating” phase, and soon enough you will have a fully functional chair that is a part of your lawn, and is sturdy enough to support a full grown adult.

Just trim the grass to the desired comfort level and your house can seriously increase its fun value, maybe even its actual value. At $115 a pop, they’re not that bad, especially compared to buying a patio set. But this one is weatherproof, windproof, drinkproof, drunken-idiot-throwing-chairs-into-your-pool proof.

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3 thoughts on “Grass Armchair”

  1. Same here. Mowing that thing must suck. That said, this would be seriously cool for parks and places like that. Holy crap, look at that price though! 115 USD?!?!?!? I think I’ll just have to find an old refrigerator box and razor and make some guesses based on the pictures. Seriously though, you’re paying $115 for 14 cut up bits of cardboard and a little pack of grass seeds.

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