GP2X Opens Up A World Of Retro Gaming


By David Ponce

The PR folk at GPX2, from Gamepark Holdings, must be doing a fine job, because the interweb is ablaze with news of the gaming console. Which is somewhat strange, given that we’ve known about it for about a year.

Still, for those of you in the dark, the GPX2 is a lovely handheld gaming device that tries to stand out by being as open, and compatible as possible. This means that under the hood, you’ve got a version of the open-source Linux running, and you’re able to watch DivX movies, play music, read eBooks, but most importantly, you’ve got access to the world of Retro Game Emulation.

Yes, that’s right. With this $170 console, you can play hundreds of emulated games, widely available online. The possibilities are really endless, and there’s nothing quite so engaging as a video to convey the device’s potential. So come on in, and check out the open-source goodness.

[GPX2 Handheld Gaming Console] VIA [Xataka]

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