GPS Mail Logger Will Satisfy Your Curiosity, Empty Your Wallet

GPS Mail Logger

By Evan Ackerman

It vaguely amazes me that mail is able to find its way from point a to point b, when it has to pass through points c through z to do so. For all I know, a tribe of pixies lives inside each mailbox and magically teleports my mail where I want it to go, over a period of 7-10 business days. If I was the curious type, I could get myself a Micro GPS Mail Logger, which is a letter sized (and bendable!) gadget that will record its position, along with timestamps, to a MicroSD card for you to peruse. For, um, about $700.

I’d be willing to pay that price, perhaps, if I was mailing something extremely valuable (say, my pet snake) and wanted to know where the package was at all times. Unfortunately, you don’t get any of the info until the GPS Mail Logger arrives at its destination and you download it. And, of course, GPS doesn’t work anywhere not under the clear blue sky… You can pretty much bet that when they lose your mail, it’s not going to be anywhere were GPS can find it.

My advice: just get a tracking number and keep your fingers crossed.

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