GPS And Bluetooth Squeezed Into A miniSD Card

miniSD Bluetooth GPSBy Luke Anderson

SD cards are becoming more and more useful every day. I loved them back in the day because I could swap out cards between my camera and PDA (yes, I carried a PDA). Later my phone used a miniSD card, which with an adapter also worked with my (newer) camera. Not too long ago we saw the release of the Eye-Fi, which was an SD card that gave your digital camera a wireless connection which you could use to transfer images. Now we have the miniSD Bluetooth GPS unit.

I never really thought that an SD card could pack in a Bluetooth and GPS chip, but Spectec has gone a step further and crammed it all into a miniSD card. This little adapter can plug into your handheld device, which will then use a certain set of drivers to communicate with the GPS. If your device doesn’t happen to have those drivers, you’re still in luck. The card will use its Bluetooth connection to talk to your device and transmit the GPS signal. No word yet on pricing or availability.

[ Spectec ] VIA [ Gearlog ]