Gotham Bike Light Is Nearly Impossible To Steal, Looks Like A Gun Barrel Revolver’s Cylinder

By David Ponce

Cycling in an urban environment, it’s not a bad idea to see where you’re going. Lights help but these tend to get stolen quite a bit. That’s why we like the The Defender bike light by Gotham Bicycle Defense. Not only does it look somewhat badass shaped like a gun’s barrel revolver’s cylinder (the reason for the design? “As you know, city biking can be a battle. We captured the struggle of the urban cyclist in our design” says the company) but it’s also pretty darn hard to take off your bike. It’s secured in place with a “security screwdriver”, which you can’t find in a hardware store. It’s the sort of tool an opportunistic thief is unlikely to have on them, making them much more likely to move on to the next target.

The solid aluminum Defender light is also water resistant and waterproof up to 1ft.: heavy downpours will not damage it. Even removing the 3 required AAA batteries requires a small Allen key. The 6 bright LEDs will sip these batteries at a rate that should give you 100 hours before needing a change.

$50 will get you one (down from the expected $70 retail price) and in usual Kickstarter fashion you get more perks with more money down.

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