Got USB Junk? You Do Now

Got USB Junk? You Do Now

USB Junk

By Evan Ackerman

Why have just one useless USB accessory when you can have… Um… A whole bunch? This “Mini USB Desktop Multi-tasking Device” from ThinkGeek connects to your computer via USB 1.1 (ew) and features an assortment of modules, including a blue backlit cup thing for holding pens, a flexible mini lamp, a mini vacuum cleaner that “doesn’t work extremely well,” a cup warmer, and one additional USB 1.1 port. Don’t ask me how it all runs off of the 500 mA provided by the single connection to your computer. The whole thing is about 8″ in diameter and will cost you $15.

[ ThinkGeek ]

2 thoughts on “Got USB Junk? You Do Now”

  1. I just don’t get it…..

    They change from an electrical cable to a USB cable and people buy the crap. I don’t even see much novelty in it. In fact, we could probably do it ourselves without too much trouble. Just proves how dim some bulbs really are.

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