Got An Apple Watch? Starwood Hotels Opens Its Doors To You


Well, more specifically, you’ll be able to open your hotel room door simply by walking up to it with your Apple Watch, after you’ve checked in, remotely. The Bluetooth functionality will be used to unlock the door from a distance, making your keyless entry seamless and effortless. Better yet, you’ll be able to bypass going to the front desk altogether, and skip any long lines that may be present. Note that this functionality is only extended to those who are members of the group’s SPG rewards program.

“After registering for SPG Keyless, the Apple Watch will automatically send guests their room number and will function as their hotel room key at any SPG Keyless enabled Starwood hotel allowing guests to bypass the front desk (where available).”

Not all of the group’s hotels will support the feature right off the bat, but the company is hoping to roll out the feature to over 30,000 of its hotel rooms soon.

While we can’t say we’re overly bullish on the Apple Watch, the truth of the matter is that many people will get one, so you might as well find out what sorts of things you’ll now be able to do with it, other than count the number of steps you take in one day.

[ Press Release ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]