Got $31k To Spend On A Camera? Leica Would Like To Talk To You

By David Ponce

Leica makes some very nice cameras. They also happen to be pretty darn expensive most of the time. And then, some of the time, they’re downright outrageous. The Leica M9-P is already pretty pricey at $7,995. But that’s the regular black and chrome version. The limited edition white one you see pictured above? Yeah, that’s 2,620,000 yen (or around $31,770). You could buy a new car, a nice one, for that price. Or you could snap pictures of cats.

It does come with a fabulous (and we mean fabulous) f/0.95 50mm lens, so there’s that. But aside from the exclusivity and the colour scheme, that extra $24 doesn’t go on any actual features. And it will only be sold in one of 9 retail locations in Japan, so if you’re not there you might want to factor in the cost of that plane ride.

[ Translated Source ] VIA [ Engadget ]