GoSun Solar Grill Works Even At Night


There are a good number of portable solar grills on the market, but this is the first one we’ve come across that banks some of that heat for you to use later. The GoSun features a thermal battery that absorbs the sun’s heat and stores it for later release. It can take up to two hours to “charge”, but the GoSun will then release a constant stream of heat for hours on end, cooking your food between 300F and 400F. It uses a Phase Change Material (a type of wax) to store these enormous amounts of energy and releases it at an appropriate rate. The rest of the solar grill works much like others, using a parabolic reflector to concentrate the sun’s rays onto a cooking surface. This cooking chamber however, in the GoSun, is able to bake, steam, roast or even boil your food, allowing you to prepare some fairly fancy meals, even at night. It’s an ingenious design, and we think the $349 asking price is more than reasonable. It’s a great, fossil-fuel-free way of cooking your food.






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