Gorillapod Go-Go! Is Designed For Everything Else

Gorillapod Go-Go! (Image courtesy Joby)
By Andrew Liszewski

The Gorillapod seems to be have become a popular accessory for photographers, if only for the fact that I see them available for sale almost everywhere. It’s basically a miniature tripod but with flexible legs that can be strategically positioned or wrapped around objects to provide a sturdy mount for your camera. But Joby, the company responsible for the Gorillapod, also sells a version designed for supporting other electronics like cellphones, PDAs, GPS units and even handheld gaming devices. The Gorillapod Go-Go! includes a collection of different ways to attach your devices to the tripod like a suction cup mount, a universal adapter screw and even 3M high-bond adhesive clips if you’re cool with attaching a sticker to the back of your electronics. The Gorillapod Go-Go! kit is available directly from Joby for $29.95.

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