GoPet Medium-Sized Tread Wheel (Image courtesy GoPet)

GoPet Tread Wheel Is Designed For Small To Medium Sized Dogs, Not XXXL Hamsters

GoPet Medium-Sized Tread Wheel (Image courtesy GoPet)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you think this GoPet Tread Wheel is a sensible alternative to taking your dog for a walk, then as far as I’m concerned you shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near our four legged friends. In essence it’s an oversized hamster wheel designed for dogs to get a little exercise without their owner having to put in any effort. It even has a safety door so you can lock your dog inside until you’re ready to spend time with it again. Well, actually, it’s so the dog doesn’t fall out while ‘exercising’ since apparently running inside a giant wire wheel isn’t a skill they’re naturally born with.

The smallest version of the GoPet Tread Wheel, designed for toy breed dogs is $357.03 (ugh, inflation! I remember when they were only $357.01!) while a fully tricked out version for medium sized dogs, including an exterior house mount, is $845.88.

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5 thoughts on “GoPet Tread Wheel Is Designed For Small To Medium Sized Dogs, Not XXXL Hamsters”

  1. 50% of the USA's dogs are overweight and dog owners are loving their dog's to death. The GoPet Treadwheel offers a great option for those dog owners that cannot get their dog's enough exercise to take off that extra weight or get rid of the dogs' extra energy. It is to be used in conjunction with daily walks. The dogs in our office have odometers on their wheels and will go 8 miles a day when allowed open access to getting on the wheel when the want to walk. There are not many people whether they own a dog or not that get 8 miles of walking in a day. This is also something that can give those dogs with super high energy a way to work off that energy. There would be less dogs left at rescues and given up if they had a wheel to use at their home. A tired dog is a good dog. Well exercised dogs that are thin are not prone to diabetes or Cushing's disease. Dogs that are physically thin and active with exercise will live longer and have fewer Vet bills. I had 2 labs that lived to a healthy 16 and 18 years because they were in shape. My 3 labs I have now are 4,3, and 2 years old and are kept thin and run on a prototype wheel for their size and they have an acre they could run on but they all jump in the wheel for runs when they go out because they like the feeling they get when they can go as fast as they want as long as they want and jump out when they are done. I hike with them to a lake where they swim 3 to 4 days per week but nothing works like the wheel it is why I took the job sellling the wheel. The wheel is something all dog owners should have so they could love their dog longer as a healthy dog. We also have a lot of disabled clients that love our Tread wheels or Treadmills because they need to get their dogs whether a pet or service dog exercise and this is a huge help to those dog owners. Dog exercise seems like a no brainer but so does not overfeeding your dog but people don't see it as an easy thing to do for their dog. GoPet is here to help get dogs Healthy again!

  2. any dog that likes to run should enjoy it once they get a little encouragement to try it out in the first place. i only wish i could afford to have one shipped outside the continental us.

  3. have you posted any videos of your dogs running in the wheel? i’m not finding much online actually showing a larger dog running in these.

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