googleDrive – A Better Way To Spend Your Thursday

googleDrive (Image courtesy phatfusion)
By Andrew Liszewski

You probably already know about the online flight simulator that lets you ‘fly’ a virtual plane over the satellite images provided by Google Maps. Well here’s a similar idea, but instead of flying a plane, you actually get to drive a miniature car over the standard street maps view. Once googleDrive is loaded you simply enter the city where you’d like to cruise around and you’re off to the races. The car is confined to the actual streets (the yellow and white areas) though I have noticed you’re able to drive across the occasional shopping mall and other gray areas that usually indicate a structure. You’ll probably tire of it pretty quickly unless you’re especially bored, but can you think of a better way to earn your paycheck on a Thursday morning?

Head over to phatfusion where you can try out googleDrive yourself.

[ googleDrive ] VIA [ OpticalPoptitude ]