Google VanityRing Is Digital Bling, If You’re Famous Enough

Google VanityRing Is Digital Bling, If You’re Famous Enough


By Evan Ackerman

Remember the good old days, when success could be measured in diamond rings? For better or worse, diamonds are old and busted, and the new hotness is personal exposure, which (some would argue) is just as hard to attain. The VanityRing embodies this concept with a little wearable LCD that displays how many hits are returned by a Google search on your name. At night, plug it into its ring box, and your Google stats will be updated.

VanityRingThe only problem with this ring is figuring out exactly how many Google hits you really deserve. I, for example, get about 26,200 results when I type in “Evan Ackerman” (with quotes). However, those results include people who have stolen my name, like this baby. So what fraction of those hits are actually me? I have no idea, but it would be great if the Google search algorithm had some sort of nodal relationship option you could use to see which results are related by common links. Or maybe there’s something like that out there already… If not, well, you’ll have to talk to me about intellectual property rights before you design one.

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