Google Earth Geotagging With GPS2GE

By John

So let’s say you’re a travelly type. You like to go around, visit places and such. You have a PDA, and you’ve connected a GPS receiver to it, so you know where you are at all times. You have your digicam, you take your pics, you come back home and you share your adventures with the family.

Why not add an extra layer of information, so you can make your little presentation even more entertaining? With this neat application, called GPS2GE from Schloen GPS-Systems Ltd, that runs on your PDA, you can save placemarks at various locations on your travels. These locations are then converted into tracks, and saved as KML files. What are KML files?

Well, you can import these into Google Earth and use the 3D function to “fly along” the path you took.


It’s $20, with 15 days trial. Find out more here. Story VIA PocketPC Thoughts.