Google Australia Introduces gDay Predictive Search Technology


By Evan Ackerman

Google has been pretty awesome at indexing information about the past and present, but the future has been a bit hazy, until today. gDay is a search algorithm that uses Machine Automated Temporal Extrapolation (MATE™) technology to extrapolate a sophisticated model of what the internet will look like up to 24 hours in the future, with 75% to 95% accuracy.

Here’s some additional info from the gDay FAQ:

Q: What future websites do you search?
A: Only websites in Australia are included in the Beta. We’re a day ahead of the US anyway, which makes MATE™ technology more reliable.

Q: Wait a second. I live in the US. Does this mean I’m now 2 days behind Australia?
A: Yes. Yes it does.

Q: Can gDay™ help me find where I left my keys?
A: Yes! Your best bet is to keep a blog of all items you have lost and found in a given day and where you last saw them and found them. Search your blog using gDay™ and problem solved! MATE™ technology will determine a likely entry for tomorrow.

Q: Why is this section titled “frequently asked questions”, when the product is barely released?
A: We used gDay™ to work out the questions that people would ask.

Check it out here.

VIA [ TechCrunch ]

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