GoGirl Female Urination Device Improves On An Old Concept

By David Ponce

The deal was that women would get multiple orgasms, and we’d get to pee standing up. Seemed fair, no? So we’re a little unhappy at the treachery that is a female urination device. They’ve been around for years in all kinds of shapes, and in case you’ve never seen one, they are pretty much what you think they are: a funnel for a female’s, uh, crotch, so that she may pee standing up. The GoGirl pictured above improves on that older design in a few ways. Being made from flexible medical-grade silicone, it’s easy to store once you’ve used it: just fold it or roll it up. Of course you’re expected to wash it before storing it and if that grosses you out, you can just toss it. The uniquely shaped tip makes it easier to aim while the flexibility of the material aids in keeping a tight seal; both of these reduce the chance of spillage. At $13 a pop, they’re cheap enough that even if you throw out every single one, you won’t get bankrupted by the occasional use.

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