God Ability LED Wristbands: The 80s Go Digital

God Ability LED Wristbands: The 80s Go Digital

God Ability Wristband

By Evan Ackerman

I’m going to skip right over the question of how a company rationalizes naming itself “God Ability” and just introduce one of their products: a fuzzy wristband with an integrated (and uncomfortable looking) programmable LED display. You can input up to 6 separate 255 character messages in either English or katakana, which will scroll across your wrist in either glowing red or glowing blue. I guess the messages might even be readable if someone happens to be staring at your wrist from the proper orientation for a long, long time. Now all I need are some scrolling LED leg warmers, and I’ll be all set. Set for what, you ask? Exactly. $32.

[ Product Page (In Japanese) ] VIA [ Sci Fi Tech ]

3 thoughts on “God Ability LED Wristbands: The 80s Go Digital”

  1. Remember the police officers’ caps from “Back To The Future 2”? How you thought “Wow, scrolling LED messages on something as mundane as a cap. It must be the future!”

    And those LEDs were green, at a time when the only affordable scrollers were available in red. Now these are BLUE! The future has zipped right past us!

    (Where’s my flying car?)

  2. OMG! I am so getting one of these in seconds… well first I need my paycheck which doesnt look like it’ll be coming anytime soon.. but I am so getting one of these!! Just thought I’d share with the random internet public haha

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