GoBidet Adapter Works With Regular Toilets

GoBidet (Images courtesy Cool Tools)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve never used a bidet, and to be quite honest, I wouldn’t be that upset if I lived my entire life without having had that experience. But if you enjoy the bidet experience, and don’t want to drop thousands of dollars on a fancy new toilet, the GoBidet’s got you covered. (I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere.) It can be affixed to your existing toilet and features an adjustable arm that can be strategically aimed and even swung in and out of position as needed. The easiest installation option allows you to connect the GoBidet’s water pipe directly to your toilet, but that only provides you with cold water, which could take some getting used to. If you want hot water as well you’ll need to run an extra pipe or hose to the water hookups under the bathroom sink, which is a bit more complicated. With a price tag of around $130 (depending on where you buy it) the GoBidet seems like an affordable way to live a life of luxury.

[ GoBidet ] VIA [ Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools ]

4 thoughts on “GoBidet Adapter Works With Regular Toilets”

  1. if you are scared by bidets, you are letting your discomfort with the unknown cheat you out of the only reasonable way to clean yourself.

    the idea of using toilet paper to wipe your ass is like using a dry tissue to wipe grease off a mirror.

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