Go Vote!

Blog-XBy David Ponce

Hey, so, wow and all that! We made the top 10 list for the Blog-X Awards, and now it’s time to go vote. You guys rock!

So, tell your friends, tell yer grandmas (they’ll like this site, there’s plenty of fluffy stuff around) and go vote. Seems I’ll be getting a $500 gift certificate from Starbucks, so if we win, you might get some really funny sounding posts. You know, from caffeine overdose…

Ah, never mind.

More than the gift certificate though, there’s the exposure. More traffic means more money, which means maybe hiring someone full time, which means more OhGizmo goodness. Now, we’re up against Gizmodo and some other big dudes, so you know, we better do something really special to get on top.

So, go vote.

Do the right thing.

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