Go Anywhere Backpack Folds Up Into A Tiny Ball

By Luke Anderson

I have three different backpacks sitting in my closet. One is especially for trade shows (it has special compartments for my laptop, cameras and lenses), one I use for hiking, and another for other use. I like having all of them, as they each have their uses, however, they do take up a bit more room than I like. What I need is to get is one of these Go Anywhere Backpacks.

This might not have the most compartments or anything, but the Go Anywhere Backpack has the keen ability to fold up into a tiny ball when not in use. Seriously, this thing could fit in your pocket if you wanted it to. Now if I could just find a price.

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2 thoughts on “Go Anywhere Backpack Folds Up Into A Tiny Ball”

  1. This would be SO perfect. When I travel I have to get my normal troller/backpack and then stuff a regular-sized one in there, because I just can’t walk around sightseeing with just the stuff in my pockets (I like to be prepared for everything). One of these would be a life-saver.

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