gnome b goneBy David Ponce

I bet that if you take a walk, just now, you’ll find a Flanders-y neighbour that owns some garden gnomes. They’re lovely little pests, no? So, why don’t you make a statement, with the Gnomes-Be-Gone?

These American beauties will show those European garden twirps who’s boss, and look like they’re taking them right where they belong: to the curb.

Of course, this bit of Americana kitch isn’t cheap, at $125, but if you ask me, worth every penny.

[Gnomes-Be-Gone] VIA [Uncrate]

2 thoughts on “Gnomes-Be-Gone”

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  2. I must admit, they are much cooler in real life. I saw them in a window. They look so friggin’ gleeful in their task! Just imagine an anti-seven-dwarf tune as sung by those two!

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