Glove Radar Measures Ball Speed

Glove Radar (Image courtesy Baseball Tips)By Andrew Liszewski

Your typical radar gun can’t be easily operated while you’re playing a game of catch. So if you’ve ever wondered just how much heat your friend is throwing, the Glove Radar provides a convenient and relatively affordable way to measure the ball’s speed as it arrives. It attaches to the back of your glove with a weather-resistant nylon cord (perfect for all those times I use my leather glove in a downpour) and uses microwave Doppler technology to measure the ball’s speed as it approaches.

The microwave signal is not obscured by the glove itself, and when the ball arrives you’ll see it’s speed indicated in mph on the small LCD display. The Glove Radar is powered by a single 3V lithium battery, and while it’s not rechargeable, it is good for about 5,000 speed measurements. The device itself is also sealed to prevent dust from getting in and hindering its operation.

You can get it from for $69.

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