Give This To A Creationist, They’ll Be Amused

Give This To A Creationist, They’ll Be Amused

By David Ponce

The above is a simple eraser. Apparently these are used to remove graphite markings on thin white sheets made from dead trees. Weird, we know. But there you have it. More interestingly, these particular erasers feature an ape on one side and a human on the other. As you use it, it will either evolve or devolve, depending on which side you prefer. It’s fairy large as far as erasers are concerned, measuring around 60 x 30 x 55mm (2.4 x 1.2 x 2.2″). And it’s also pretty expensive: $25.

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1 thought on “Give This To A Creationist, They’ll Be Amused”

  1. it is interesting to note that the person who made these followed a process that is found in FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION namely they wanted a certain “function” (i.e. one that made a statement about evolution) in a novel way…they then came up with a form that accomplishes their function…..exactly the way God our creator designed the universe (including MAN)…the opposit of which the designer of the erasers is using to sell a unique product… 

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