Gilette Ups The Ante

By David Ponce

It was bound to happen. There’s no point in making jokes about it any more. To say that one day, there’ll be ten blades… well, it’s just not funny. When you know it’ll happen, it loses its humor.

What am I talking about?

Gilette’s new 5 bladed razor, of course.

Story VIA Waxy.

4 thoughts on “Gilette Ups The Ante”

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  2. You know, this is ridiculous. I tried a four-blade razor and found it very unwieldy, and it didn’t shave as closely as a three-blade razor. A three-blade is what I’ve been using for many years, and it gives a just slightly closer shave than a twin blade.

    I think we’re past the point of diminishing returns. “Too much of a good thing…”

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