Gigtube DSLR Remote Viewfinder

Gigtube DSLR Remote Viewfinder (Image courtesy Aputure)
By Andrew Liszewski

With an LCD display just 2.5 inches in size, don’t think of the Gigtube from Aputure as an upgrade to your DSLR’s own LCD display, since it’s probably far from it. Think of it more as an extra useful remote control. It connects to your camera’s video out and USB ports and allows you to monitor a live feed (if your camera supports live view) or snap and see a photo immediately after you’ve taken it.

The 2 meter extension cable means you won’t be able to wander far from your camera when using the Gigtube, but it does seem handy for properly framing shots in situations where you can’t easily look through the viewfinder or check the LCD. A built-in rechargeable battery should keep it running for about 3 hours of continual use, and it’s available from various online retailers, like Amazon (Adorama), for about $200.

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