GigaPan Epic 100 Supports Larger P&S Cameras And Smaller DSLRs

GigaPan Epic 100 (Images courtesy GigaPan)
By Andrew Liszewski

GigaPan has updated their robotic camera mount line with the new Epic 100 which can now support a camera and lens combination of up to 3lbs, accommodating larger P&S models and smaller DSLRs. Other notable upgrades include a backlit display making it easier to setup the mount for night-time panoramas, an adjusted gearing pitch allowing for “greater holding torque and finer precision movements” and most importantly, the ability to capture multiple shots (up to 9) at each image location, facilitating those who like to take HDRI photos.

Of course if you read my review of the GigaPan Epic, you’ll know that while it’s a must-have tool for any photographer who’s into the whole panoramic thing, the battery life was lacking at best. And given the Epic 100 will be moving around heavier cameras on the same set of 6 x AA batteries, I have to assume the battery life situation isn’t any better, but hopefully not any worse.

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