Akko Goldenbeld's Pianola (Images courtesy designboom)

Giant City Layout Music Box Proves Urban Planners Aren’t Composers

Akko Goldenbeld's Stadsmuziek (Images courtesy designboom)
By Andrew Liszewski

As an overall artistic piece, Akko Goldenbeld’s Stadsmuziek (City Music) exhibit certainly stands on its own. But as an attempt to show that urban planners are just as concerned with musical composition as they are with traffic flow and green spaces, it’s a complete and utter fail. It looks like a giant music box, and in essence that’s exactly what it is. But instead of plinking out a simple tune on a miniature harp, it uses a full-sized piano. And instead of a drum covered in metal dots, the rotating cylinder is wrapped in a miniature 3D relief of the city of Eindhoven in The Netherlands. It’s no Beethoven, that’s for sure, but if a city ever needed its own civil anthem this is definitely a unique way to compose it.

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