Ghost Finder Camera – Photoshop Free Fraud

Ghost Finder Camera (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

I’ve noticed we’re almost half way into October but the site seems sorely lacking in Hallowe’en related items. So let me hopefully get the ball rolling with this Ghost Finder disposable camera. Now calling it a ‘ghost finder’ isn’t entirely accurate because the camera itself automatically adds an “eerie ghostly image” to every photo you take. It’s kind of like walking around with a can of spray paint and calling it a ‘Graffiti Finder.’

But if you’re devoid of any Photoshop skills this is a far easier way to provide your co-workers with some convincing proof that it was indeed a ghost who keeps stealing their lunches from the fridge in the breakroom.

The Ghost Finder camera includes a flash and 27 exposures and is available from for $9.98.

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