GHETTOBASICS Boombox Pillow (Images courtesy Der Kräftner macht Sachen)
By Andrew Liszewski

Designed by Andreas Kraeftner as part of his new GHETTOBASICS line, this simple rectangular foam pillow features an awesome black and white screenprint of a classic 1980’s JVC boombox. And while it doesn’t play music in any capacity, you can leave it on your couch at home or carry it with you on your shoulder wherever you go so that you always have a comfy place to rest your head. If you’re interested in getting a boombox pillow of your own you can contact Andreas directly via his website, but I have no idea what they might cost or if they’re even being mass produced.

[ Andreas Kraeftner’s GHETTOBASICS Boombox Pillow (translated) ] VIA [ DesignSpotter ]