Ghetto Blaster Mobile Spotted At CTIA


By David Ponce

Yeah, so CTIA 2007 is on, in case you didn’t hear, and mobiles of all shapes and orientations are parading around, willy-nilly. One interesting specimen is the Thunder Super Radio HiFi phone. On one side you have what looks like a normal phone with an average sized screen, but flip it around and the party’s on like it’s 1989. That’s a massive speaker on the back, with an old school ghetto blaster grille to protect it and an AM/FM tuner. Apparently, it sounds pretty darn good.

Specs-wise, you’ve got a 1.3 megapixel camera, large 2.4″ TFT screen, MicroSD expansion and it can play MP3 and MP4 files. Pretty vanilla for a mobile these days, but dude, check out that speaker! It’s dualband GSM, and is likely to stay in Taiwan, pretty much for good.

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