Getty Images Wants To Buy Your Flickr Photos

By Luke Anderson

Have you ever been browsing Flickr and thought that some of the pictures are just incredible? It’s true that there are a lot of great pieces up on there, which have been taken by amateur photographers. It seems that Getty Images has taken notice, and wants to pay some of those people for their excellent works.

Getty has entered into a partnership with Flickr to comb their database of images in search for pieces to license. The photographers would then be asked to participate in their program, which would compensate them (the same rates as Getty pays contracted photographers) for using their images. They would take the necessary steps to make sure the images are released and licensed legally.

I think this is a great idea for the amateur photographer that might want their work a little more recognized. Sure, if Getty purchases a pic from you, you aren’t technically amateur anymore, but you also don’t need a fancy studio or business to get your work purchased.

[via NYT]

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