Get Some Testoterone, “Man-Up” Your Phone

man phone.jpgBy David Ponce

You know, much as we love us our gadgets, there comes a time when we start noticing that comparing their thinness, drooling over their impeccable gloss, and counting the ways we can fold them simply reeks of estrogen. What ever happened to Mr. “I-ain’t-got-no-time-for-no-bandaids” Man? You think lumberjack Joe would be debating the usefulness of packing WiFi on his cell? We didn’t think so, and nor do the folks at DoubleViking. Check out their slightly short but hilarious piece on how to reattach your cellphone’s cojones back on.

Got unlimited night minutes starting at 6 PM, free texting and 1000 anytime minutes? Wow?that?s great! You vagina. First off, don?t take the free texting. Men don?t text. Our thumbs are far too large and hairy to push those little buttons fast enough to form words. Naw dude?we yell.

Fun stuff. Follow the link love for the full article.

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