Get Ready for a Fizzy Blast-Off With the Soda Bottle Rocket

Soda Bottle Rocket

Kids grow up way too fast. One minute you’re busy fussing with milk and diapers, the next you’re watching them strut across the stage to get their diploma. Parents often complain that their kids take them for granted, but I think the same can be said about some parents when it comes to their kids.

So while they’re still young and, well, living under your roof, why not set aside some time each week for some serious playtime? You can take on simple DIY projects where you can spend some time working on building toys or making crafts with your kid, and enjoy the fruits of your labor when it’s ready to be played with. And you can start with a project like the Soda Bottle Rocket.

Rockets are expensive, but they’re pretty fun to play around with in the yard. The good news is that they’re fairly easy to build, requiring materials like music wire, kite string, PVC pipe couplers, PVC plug caps, and of course, trusty o-rings,┬áthat you can easily buy online or from your local hardware store.

You might already have a couple of o-rings already in your toolbox, given how they’re the most commonly used seals to prevent leaks at connecting surfaces for a number of mechanical applications. You’ll also need some hex bolts, eyebolts, and binder rings, but again, you might already have stowed away in your shed or something.

The best part is you do a bit of recycling with this project too, since you’re supposed to use a 2-liter soda bottle for the body of the rocket. Find out what you need and how you can build your own soda bottle rocket here.

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